Alex Lucas

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Alex Lucas is an illustrator, born and bred in Bristol. Following a degree in textiles and and MA in illustration and animation at Loughborough Uni, she is now studying an MA in Art Therapy. Alex now works as a freelance illustrator and artist working for various clients who prefer the odd things in life.

Alison Gilleard

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Alison specialises in flower, plant and landscape photography. Passionate about the natural world and gardening, her contemporary images capture beautiful landscapes, and the intimate details of plants and flowers.


Angela Holland

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My discipline is relief printmaking. I am a calligraphic printmaker – that is I design lettering to express chosen pieces of text, cut them in lino – backwards! and print on an etching press using damp paper to produce a raised, embossed surface. The cutting of the master is slow and painstaking, but each print taken is a kind of thrill because no two prints are exactly identical. That’s why I love printmaking.

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Carol Mayne

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From TOOTSLAND, the Land of Beasties, Tooters and Oddities, come ceramic sculptures conjured from the imagination of Carol Mayne, a place where even she fears to tread. Once upon a time, she was a jeweller specializing in lost-wax-casting. Early onset cataracts put an end to wax modelling but being a modelling fool, she was compelled to find something else to keep her hands & fingers busy. Also something she could see. Clay seemed to fit the bill and it’s hoped you like what you see.


Carrie Leech

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Painting myself loosely with the broad brush of artist I have recently rediscovered my love for art and now mainly work in pen, ink and watercolour. I have diverse and assorted taste reflected in my choice of subject matter. Taking influence from natural forms and flora to buildings and people, I like my work to capture a snap shot of something that’s caught my attention. I will be exhibiting a selection of my pen and ink illustrations, paintings and prints.

Fiona Hamilton Walker

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Handmade silver jewellery textured, rolled, twisted and sometimes augmented with semi-precious gem stones or glass beads.



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Beautiful and one of a kind handmade goods which revive traditional crafts with a modern day twist. We are a partnership creating handspun yarn and hand rolled felt. Crochet designs from our own handspun yarn, such as bags, hats ands cowls. Exceptional hand felted art wear, accessories and home decor.


Jan Martin

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I have worked for 10 years as a digital illustrator, mainly in editorial illustration, for publications such as The Times, The Guardian and The Independent, plus book illustration for educational publishing. After gaining my MA in Multi Disciplinary Printmaking, I now also produce linocut and drypoint prints to commission and for exhibition, and I often incorporate print and made marks into my digital work. I also run workshops in printmaking, bookbinding and embossing from my Montpelier studio.


Jenny Marshall

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I believe photography is an escapism for your inner self. To flaunt ones Sexuality, Attitude & Imagination. Creative Jam Is a collection of portraits & self portraits from the last 5 years of my life.


John Joseph Lynch

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Printmaker specialising in Etching, relief and Screen prints Exploring themes of the subconscious in every day culture. There will be limited edition new works along with an archive of previous work on display and for sale. Also showing Art by Anna Marks, a fantastic blend of textile and Drawn work.


Kate Pettit

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Celebrating the natural world, Sundara sun-catchers stir the imagination with trees, owls, roses, butterflies and patterns from animal, plant and marine life.
Jewellery and accessories include beautiful elegant flowers for your hair, feather earrings, clay brooches, mandala pendants, gemstone rings and funky belts. Sundara aims to bring you unique wearable art, integrating natural or recycled materials.

Kathy Luders

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Kathy comes from Cork in the south of Ireland and started painting in 2001 while recovering from an illness. Her work is very varied and colourful with evocative landscapes of the desolate west coast of Ireland or quirky quiet corners and woodlands of England.
Her work also includes still life and portraits.

Lindsay McDonagh

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I specialise in producing original hand printed etchings and other forms of print media including lino cut and digital print. Inspiration for my work is mainly drawn from the natural world with a particular interest in illustrating animals, insects and plants. I endeavour to express the character of the animals I depict by caputuring their expression and form. I have also exhibited and sold work at the Royal West of England Academy Open Exhibition.


Lucy King

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I work in pen and watercolour, doing local scenes of Bristol and house portraits to commission.

Maddie Leigh

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Stone carved miniatures.

tel: 07891 397425

Rosalind King

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Using an eclectic approach to my work, I combine found objects, photography, fabric and stitch to create unique 3D art pieces.



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Sarah Marks

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Sarah Marks is a West Country artist. She uses oil paints to capture the beauty of the South West and share her favourite places.


Sue Khosravi

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The Hula Girls

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Enter the exotic world of the Hula Girls – Chloe Emiabata’s nostalgic hand drawn images, Beluga Frank’s cotton & ink creations, and Sarah Macfarlane’s brightly coloured photographs & collages.


Zoë Hewett

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Zoë Hewett is an Interior Designer & Decorator with a background in film and theatre set design. Specialising in furniture reconditioning, Zoë lovingly up-cycles unwanted or tired pieces with decoupage, paint and upholstery treatments, as a unique and more environmentally friendly alternative to mass-produced flatpacks.