Amanda Cozens

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I am passionate about narrative and colour and love the idea that people will find their own stories and fairy tales in my work.

Anna Ellam

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I paint mainly in acrylics and have a surrealist theme to my paintings. I also draw scenes from every day life and my imagination. I like to explore different styles to create a variety of effects.

I have also recently started making candles.

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Emily Buckland

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I have always marveled at how a painting can capture a mood, steal a moment which would otherwise be private or create something new out of what might in fact be in front of you. My current work is a mixture of portraits and city scenes, all oil on canvas.

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Hilary Finch

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My first inspiration is nature especially plants, the way they look, how and where they grow and our homes within the landscape. I paint using water colours, acrylics and oil sticks. Each medium brings it’s own discipline. Oil sticks encourage me to explore more abstract images and physical ways of working with colour and texture.

Jonty Cutting

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Watercolour paintings. I paint landscapes which include buildings and still life.

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Kathy Luders

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Kathy comes from Cork in the south of Ireland and started painting in 2001 while recovering from an illness. Her work is very varied and colourful with evocative landscapes of the desolate west coast of Ireland or quirky quiet corners and woodlands of England.
Her work also includes still life and portraits.

Keith Robertson

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My work consists of Abstract paintings and Surrealist sculpture, all with a post-apocalyptic tone and rich range of marks. Mark making and method are central to the work, along with the use of non-traditional materials.

Laura Pugh

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Getting inspiration from the natural world, either animals, people or nature and amalgamating these in a meaningful and dynamic way, I hope to reflect the beauty of the world around us and how we relate to it. I have also recently moved into creating pet portraits, which I enjoy immensely.

Lesley Trussler

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Lino prints, oil paintings and drawings.

Lucy King

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I work in pen and watercolour, doing local scenes of Bristol and house portraits to commission.

Norma Rowe

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Mostly self taught I began painting for my own enjoyment but soon people started asking to buy my work. I decided to start exhibiting my work and really enjoy meeting the interesting mix of people that visit and talk art, whether it be theirs, mine or someone else.

I love using vibrant colour to lift the mood, capturing on canvas all things in nature and love nothing more than when someone tells me how much my pictures cheer them when they see them in their homes each day.

Olga van Rijswijck

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I am inspired by nature and enjoy landscape painting but also enjoy still life, while boats and “all-things-sea” is a bit of a passion. I work mainly with watercolours and also other mediums like collage, gouache and pen & ink. Another favourite pursuit is creating unique colourful bookmarks using crystal, glass and metal beads.

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Paul Brooks

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I work with wood, mostly turning but also some carving & pyrography. As well as working with a large variety of woods, I enjoy incorporating other materials into my work – colours, stains, metallic and other enhancements. I also paint in acrylics & water colours.

Penny Clark

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Romina Berenice Canet

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I am an Argentine artist now living in Bristol. I have also studied Drama, Music, Trapeze and published a book with my poems and lithographs called “Resabio de las Fiestas”.
I’m now working on a new series of acrylics, oils, drawings, art jewellery and dolls, apart from dedicating time to the trapeze and to my new book. Most of my inspiration comes from my travels around the world, people, poetry and the circus.

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Sarah Marks

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Sarah Marks is a West Country artist. She uses oil paints to capture the beauty of the South West and share her favourite places.

Scot Burgoyne

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My work is mainly acrylic on canvas, but I have also produced some mixed media pieces. I regularly exhibit in Bristol and have had work featured in the R.W.A. Autumn Exhibition.

I am happy to take commissions.

Strange Creatures

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Local singer-songwriter Rossanne Hamilton has asked twelve artists to pick one of her songs each and represent it. The artwork will be on display at the Leftbank bar, along with a walkman so you can listen to the songs. A live performance will start at 3pm each day.

Terry Burke

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Terry Burke collects images from a variety of sources including landscapes, stone carvings, and ancient artefacts. Many of her images deal with ideas of timelessness, the changing world, balance and dreams. This series was developed from a 9th century stone carving and reworks the traditional view of angels. Her preferred materials are acrylic paint and pastel on textured paper.

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Tessa Norris

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I work mainly in pencil and watercolour, and also pen, ink and wash, with my specialities being architecture, figure, floral and animals. My main body of published work is Architectural Illustration and Greetings card designs. In addition to this I publish my own greetings cards, and carry out many private commissions which include architecture,landscape, pet portraits and still life.