Alison Gilleard

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Alison specialises in flower, plant and landscape photography. Passionate about the natural world and gardening, her contemporary images capture beautiful landscapes, and the intimate details of plants and flowers.

Denise Norman

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A collection of photographic images documenting a years travel combined with local urban landscapes, enhanced textures & surface pattern.

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Jenny Marshall

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I believe photography is an escapism for your inner self. To flaunt ones Sexuality, Attitude & Imagination. Creative Jam Is a collection of portraits & self portraits from the last 5 years of my life.

Rachel Smith

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I have always been drawn to colours, textures and interesting subjects such as nature, which make quite graphical images.
After years of experimenting with a wide range of media and techniques I have now found my greatest passions in photography and enamelling.
Over the past year I have added wedding photography and children’s portraiture to my portfolio. My style is un-invasive, artistic and natural.

Sue Khosravi

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The Hula Girls

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Enter the exotic world of the Hula Girls – Chloe Emiabata’s nostalgic hand drawn images, Beluga Frank’s cotton & ink creations, and Sarah Macfarlane’s brightly coloured photographs & collages.

The Pre-Modernist Sisterhood

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We will be hosting the glasswork of Ilsa Fatt, and the photography of Taidghe Llewellyn Angus Shea. There will also be live performance art interventions and avant-garde music by Imogen Pettitt and Chris Bradshaw – featuring their imaginary friends.
There will additionally be a selection of fabulous teas and conceptualist cakes served throughout the day. (Free cakes for imaginary friends!)

Tom & Jenny Payne

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A collection of travel, landscape and portrait photography documenting the unexpected, the beautiful and the striking in an attempt to transport you there and hold your imagination.

Metalwork and jewellery combining sculptural aesthetics with traditional techniques. Designs are inspired by everyday patterns and architecture creating pieces where form and function are central to the final piece.

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