Angela Holland

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My discipline is relief printmaking. I am a calligraphic printmaker – that is I design lettering to express chosen pieces of text, cut them in lino – backwards! and print on an etching press using damp paper to produce a raised, embossed surface. The cutting of the master is slow and painstaking, but each print taken is a kind of thrill because no two prints are exactly identical. That’s why I love printmaking.

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We are a husband and wife team, designing and printing ‘Rockin’ Original’ t-shirts for guys, gals and funky nippas. We screen-print by hand using eco-friendly inks onto 100% organic cotton, ethically produced T-shirts. We also have a range of hand-made rockabilly inspired accessories.

John Joseph Lynch

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Printmaker specialising in Etching, relief and Screen prints Exploring themes of the subconscious in every day culture. There will be limited edition new works along with an archive of previous work on display and for sale. Also showing Art by Anna Marks, a fantastic blend of textile and Drawn work.

Lesley Trussler

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Lino prints, oil paintings and drawings.

Lindsay McDonagh

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I specialise in producing original hand printed etchings and other forms of print media including lino cut and digital print. Inspiration for my work is mainly drawn from the natural world with a particular interest in illustrating animals, insects and plants. I endeavour to express the character of the animals I depict by caputuring their expression and form. I have also exhibited and sold work at the Royal West of England Academy Open Exhibition.

Romina Berenice Canet

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I am an Argentine artist now living in Bristol. I have also studied Drama, Music, Trapeze and published a book with my poems and lithographs called “Resabio de las Fiestas”.
I’m now working on a new series of acrylics, oils, drawings, art jewellery and dolls, apart from dedicating time to the trapeze and to my new book. Most of my inspiration comes from my travels around the world, people, poetry and the circus.

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